Valais Technical Services (VTS) takes your ideas from concept to reality through a mix of hand sketches and 3D CAD (Solidworks) for design and analysis. With over a decade of experience across various industries, VTS is well placed to advise on the possible solutions to your project. Please follow the gallery link below for example of previous works.


An in-house 3 printer allows basic prototypes to be created quickly to test form and function. The investment in an SLA printer allows prototypes to be built in various materials from basic plastics to higher performance materials including flexible, high temperature and casting resins.

3D scanning

For smaller items (<30cm) VTS has a laser scanner that is capable of high resolution scans that can be used to digitise complex or organic objects. For larger items, an image-based scanning system can be used. This system is useful for capturing general geometry or room detail to be referenced later in the design process.

Solutions to your projects in 3D with full analysis, calculations, 
cost effective prototyping and manufacturing.
Case Studies