Speed Ski Helmet

March 01, 2018

Speed skiing does not have many safety requirements when it comes to helmets. Working with skiers on the world cup circuit, VTS is helping to develop a helmet that increases safety while maintaining maximum speed!!!

Using 3D scanning to capture compex surfaces to develop a new component

September 15, 2009

When a climbing equipment company wanted to develop a new ascender for climbing ropes, they began with a very hands-on method of developing a prototype from modelling putty. Once the geometry was correct, they needed to take their handmade component into mass production. Here you see how a 3D scan of the component can be used to create a CAD file that can be passed to an injection molding company. A 3D printed prototype can provide a functional trial before committing to tooling.

3D Printed Belt Guard

May 16, 2017

After the purchase of a 3rd-hand lawnmower, it was necessary to make some repairs in order to preserve performance. One significant missing item was the belt guard that drives the rear wheels. The original guard was badly damaged and allowed grass to gather around the drive mechanism - restricting the able movement from the controls. See how a replacement patch was developed.

XDK Slug

July 09, 2008

An in-house development project to develop a tool that would help refilling hydration packs easier. The entire project up to prototyping was done in house: From design, to a CNC prototype (programmed and machined), to machining a tool to produce a batch of test pieces for market research. All manufacturing was organised in-house and completed by a local UK injection molding company. The product gained press reviews in national bike magazines and sold globally. 

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